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What is VZIO

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 EYE STRAIN  symptoms
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Vzio is exclusively formulated to nourish our eyes & protect our vision. The comprehensive eye food supplement that contains 2 patented technologies ZANTHIN - Natural astaxanthin complex & XanMax - The Next Generation of Lutein + Natural Trans-Zeaxanthin. ZANTHIN nourish our eyes by increasing Retina blood flow that transport oxygen and nutrients to our eyes. This helps enhance eye focusing power. And XanMax with high quality Lutien and Zeaxanthin is protecting our eyes from visual problem.

Vzio is a registered product under Malaysian Ministry of Health with registration no : MAL12115028NCR.
What is Vzio
Dr Rudi E Moerck
  • Heads one of the largest supplement manufacturing companies in US
  • Influential leader in the neutraceutical industry and an expert in the benefits of astaxanthin
  • Over 30 years of career in life sciences indsutry and more than 25 years experience in the chemical industry
  • PhD from University of Florida in Organic Chemistry
  • Postdoctoral Fellow in NIH (National Institutes of Health, USA) and NSF (National Science Foundation), lectured on Chemistry at Ohio State and Ohio Wesleyan University
What is Vzio
Ong Soon Lee     Age: 43

"I have been wearing contact lenses for more than 24 years. Due to working requirements, I need to spend long hours in front of the computer. In addition, the long hours spent driving also made my eyes feel dry and easily tired. I usually try to avoid driving at night due to my astigmatism as headlights from on coming traffic cause my eyes feel tired and even lead to headaches. My eyes are also sensitive to bright light, especially during sunset or viewing bright slides duing classes and so forth.

My Eyes have fel significantly better after I started consuming 2-3 softgels of Eye Food per day. I do not feel tired and can even attend full day classes. my eyes do not feel dry, blurred or turn red even though I put on contact lenses from morning till night. And I have no problems during at night too!"

Wong San San     Age: 41

"As my eyes are very sensitive. I can't use normal contact lenses, only high-end branded contact lenses. I tried several counter brands but my eyes swelled badly. I could barely wear them for more than 6 hours before my eyes began to feel very dry, tired and irritated. My condition did not improve even after taking a branded supplement. Then I was introduced to a Comprehensive Eye Supplement.

After taking 2 capsules of Eye Food daily for 3 months, my eyes began to feel better and the dryness began to subside. I am now able to wear contact lenses the whole day without my eyes feeling dry, tired and irritated. Thanks to this product, my life has become more convenient and easy."

Lee Siew Hock     Age: 43

"I usually have dry eye when i woke up in the morning and this makes me very uncomfortable. Two months ago, I started taking Eye Food. A few days later, I discovered that my dry eye problem improved and I even feel more refreshed upon waking up in the morning. My eye problem is gone and I really appreciate the company for lanching such a great product!"

Winne Chu     Age: 43

"I am a frequent traveler and take a plane almost once every two weeks. Perhaps because of this, I developed veryd ry eyes and need to use Life Plasma as eye drip. On top of that, the dry air in the airplane always makes my eyes feel very hot. My heavy usage of the laptop, computer tablet and smart phone has also added to the problem of dry eyes.

After taking 2 capsules of Eye Food daily for three months, I totally forgot to use the eye drip, despite my increased travelling and usage of the computer and smarphones. Now, I have dispensed with the eye drip altogether!"

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What is Vzio